Who We Are And Why We’re Here

CARS Supply Warehouse is a fresh company with an exciting new perspective. We are painters by trade, bringing 35 years of hands-on expertise to the automotive supply industry. Not only does our company provide the best refinishing products on the market — we field test almost all of them ourselves.

Frustrated with the unapologetic practice of alluring front-end giveaways and the snares of back-end consignments, CARS Supply Warehouse was galvanized to re-evaluate our industry and pursue a consumer’s perspective. We earnestly believe that our clients are entitled to superior products, resourceful insight, and earned trust — the only old-fashioned thing about us. We place a compelling emphasis on both integrity and simplicity, making it easier for you to spend less of your valuable time reading fine print and more time building your business.

Rescuing The Contract Hostage

CARS Supply Warehouse is passionate about its customers’ right to “come and go” as they please. We will help you with your business by staying out of your business. No complicated contracts, no consignments, no back-end costs, no hidden charges, and no hassle. You will know what you’re spending and you’ll know it up front. At CARS Supply Warehouse, what you see is what you get.

Scouting Ahead, Keeping It Fresh

Bulky, unyielding businesses, ensnared by their own complacency, inevitably grow stale and unmotivated to re-energize. Whether over-comfortable or under-inspired, it’s the customer that’s neglected. But CARS Supply Warehouse rejects the “legacy-system” mindset. We commit to thorough research, careful analysis, and constant field-testing. We are constantly surveying the future, keeping our client family on the cutting edge of technology.

You’re A Person, Not A Dollar Sign

CARS Supply Warehouse enjoys coming alongside its family of customers in their efforts to thrive in a shifting economy. We will earn your business every day with the extraordinary quality of our products and the personable efficiency of our service. Our company may be young, but our principles and methods are strategically informed by 35 years of experience. Plus, our unique size gives us the freedom to support you with the individual attention you deserve.

Stand Apart

Shed the conformist mindset. Do what’s best for your business. CARS Supply Warehouse guarantees you the best solution for the job at the fairest price.


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“I love that CARS Supply Warehouse doesn’t default to a 3M solution for most of my product needs even though I’m aware that they have pressure to sell as much 3M as possible so they can secure their best 3M tiered pricing. Instead, I think they really look out for what’s best for me. They even directed me to a manufacturer that makes a product for 3M. By purchasing the same product without the 3M logo I was able to save some serious money…which all adds to the bottom line.”

– Dominic, Owner, Professional Image, LLC, Gaithersburg, MD –