“We’ve been successfully using CARS Supply Warehouse products for over four years, servicing EuroMotorcars in the Washington, DC area. We love how CARS Supply Warehouse has introduced us to new, innovative products while at the same time reducing our overhead supply expenses. They enable us to give a higher quality product to our customer and more profitability to our shop. Working with them has been a pleasant win-win relationship.”

Pat Cook, Director of EuroMotorcars Auto Appearance Center

“What I’ve come to appreciate about CARS Supply Warehouse is their product knowledge, in everything from paints to polishes. They do their research and they’re a great resource for our shop. With no contract, they have intentionally put themselves in a place where they have to earn our business week-in and week-out. This also means they have to put the best performing products for the best price in our shop. And that’s good for our business!”

Todd Chilcote, Vice President SDR Small Damage Repair, Cockeysville, MD

“I love that CARS Supply Warehouse doesn’t default to a 3M solution for most of my product needs even though I’m aware that they have pressure to sell as much 3M as possible so they can secure their best 3M tiered pricing. Instead, I think they really look out for what’s best for me. They even directed me to a manufacturer that makes a product for 3M. By purchasing the same product without the 3M logo I was able to save some serious money…which all adds to the bottom line.”

Dominic, Owner, Professional Image, LLC, Gaithersburg, MD

CARS Supply Warehouse is so confident in the products we sell that we don’t need a contract to keep our customers.

Lusid’s GenRock: 50% savings over other competitor’s popular solvent and waterborne systems, and up to 75% savings when GenRock’s 2-coat coverage rate is considered.

REAL LIFE: For every $100,000 your shop currently spends on paint, you could be putting $75,000 into your pocket!

National Rule Average Ready-to-Spray Per Quart

  • 3.5 VOC compliant (solvent based system that meets waterborne VOC requirements)
  • Excellent color matching
  • 2-coat coverage (versus 3-4 from competitive lines)
  • Quick drying (increased production)
Lusid’s Gen2O: 25% savings over other popular waterborne systems, and up to 50% savings when Gen2O’s 1-coat coverage rate is considered.

REAL LIFE: For every $100,000 your shop currently spends on paint, you could be putting $50,000 into your pocket!

3.5 VOC Average Ready-to-Spray Per Quart

  • 1-coat coverage (versus 3-4 from competitive lines)
  • Excellent color matching
  • 3.5 VOC compliant
  • Quickest drying waterborne system – no latex
  • Non-alcohol reducer (significantly longer shelf life)


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